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Spacewalker Reviewed in Quest

“Make room on your bookshelf for the latest addition to the genre of astronaut memoirs, this one the story of an engineer who became the first person to fly in space seven times and whose nine spacewalks rank near the top of the records. Shuttle astronaut Jerry Ross takes us from his youth in rural Indiana during the space race to the fulfillment of his dreams and ambitions in space, a career spanning 40 years, recounted in the straightforward manner of one whose bent is more technical than literary. Ross is modest and capable, and his likable nature informs every page of his altogether wholesome and inspirational story . . . This story is a worthy companion to the astronaut memoirs already published and is likely to be an inspiration to other dreamers of space.”
Valerie Neal, National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC.
Published in Quest, The History of Spaceflight Quarterly, Vol. 20, 1 (2013)